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گر زلف پُريشانت
از احمد ظاهر

گر زلف پُريشانت در دست صبا افتد
هر جا که دلی باشد در دام بلا افتد

ما کشتی صبر خويش در بحر غم افگنديم
تا آخر از اين طوفان هر تخته کجا افتد

آخر چه زیان افتد سلطان ممالک را
کو را نظری روزی،بر حال گدا افتد

Gar Zolfe Porayshanat
by Ahmad Zahir

Gar zolfe porayshanat dar daste saba oftad
har ja ke dile bashad dar dam bala oftad

Ma keshtie sabre khwesh dar bahre gham afghandim
Ta aakhir az ein toofan har takhta koja oftad

Aakher chi zeyan oftad sultane mamalek raa
Ke-ora nazare roze, bar hale gadah oftad


English Translation:

If your wavy hair; were to fall into the hands of the morning breeze
(when the lure of your mysterious ways, joins up with the gentle morning breeze)
Wherever there is a heart, it would (surely) fall into its mischievous snare
(Where there is a heart, it would (surely) fall into the trap (of divine love)

I have launched my vessel of patience (and endurance) into the ocean of love
As results of this typhoon (hurricane), where shall each piece (plank) end up?

So (really)! what harm could come the ruler of all the nations (ruler of the world: Allah)?
If he were to notice someday, the feelings of (this poor) beggar

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